Friday, November 30, 2007

Things To Do When Your Husband Has Duty

1. Clean! Come on, you know your house needs it.
2. Exercise. Do a workout video without worrying about your husband walking in and questioning what you are doing.
3. Read. Pick up a good book from the library and start (and finish it!) today.
4. Go shopping. Now you can go to the stores YOU want to without him trying to drag you out of Victoria's Secret and into Game Stop so he can play the latest demo.
5. Sleep in. And take all the covers you want. The whole bed is yours!
6. Call your friends. You won't have to hear about how high the phone bill will be this month every five minutes during your hours of conversation.
7. Redecorate. Surprise your husband and remind him that you just painted and spent money on the paint so he is stuck with a pink bedroom for now.
8. Browse the internet. Look at whatever you want. Even things you can't afford.
9. Play video games. For once you can win them and try to beat his high score.
10. Do whatever your heart desires! The day is ALL YOURS!


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