Saturday, December 1, 2007

Book Lovers Can Save

If you are a book lover, like myself, then you have spent hundreds of dollars on books. A great way to save is signing up for Borders Rewards. Go to your local Borders book store and ask to become a Rewards member. It's FREE! They email you coupons weekly that are for at least 20% off of an item of your choice. You also get bigger discounts on best sellers in the store. Every time you buy a book, they will scan your Rewards card and a percentage of your total for that purchase will be put in you holiday money. You can use this money around Christmas time. Last year, I got a whole book for free with my holiday rewards money on my card. Lately my husband and I have been going almost weekly to buy a book or two so I am excited to see how much I have earned this year! Do you know of any other ways to save on books?


Lylah said...

that's a good idea! blessing!

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