Friday, December 21, 2007

Making A Living Without A Job

I am looking into different ideas for making money and I would like to start a scrapbooking business. I made a couple layouts and pre made pages and posted them on ebay and craigslist but I have not got any hits yet. I would like to know how to get this business up and running, because I love to scrapbook and want to do it full time from my home. I wish I had some money to buy some books I am looking into on a scrapbooking business.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lies We've Been Fed

After reading Eat Fat, Lose Fat, by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon, I feel like my eyes have been opened. We have all been fed (literally) lies about fat from sources that we are supposed to trust such as the government and doctors. The following are some of the lies we've been told, taken from the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat.

Myth #1: High-Fat Foods Cause Heart Disease

Myth #2: High Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease

Myth #3: High-Fat Foods Increase Blood Cholesterol

Myth #4: Cholesterol Causes Plaque Buildup In Arteries

To read more about these lies, and the truths that have been hidden from us, pick up a copy of Eat Fat, Lose Fat! You won't be sorry!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Book Lovers Can Save

If you are a book lover, like myself, then you have spent hundreds of dollars on books. A great way to save is signing up for Borders Rewards. Go to your local Borders book store and ask to become a Rewards member. It's FREE! They email you coupons weekly that are for at least 20% off of an item of your choice. You also get bigger discounts on best sellers in the store. Every time you buy a book, they will scan your Rewards card and a percentage of your total for that purchase will be put in you holiday money. You can use this money around Christmas time. Last year, I got a whole book for free with my holiday rewards money on my card. Lately my husband and I have been going almost weekly to buy a book or two so I am excited to see how much I have earned this year! Do you know of any other ways to save on books?

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