Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Monday, October 22, 2007

Book Review for Military Spouses

Help! I'm A Military Spouse. I get a Life too! How to craft a life for you as you move with the miltary.

Help! I'm A Military Spouse. I get a Life too! How to craft a life for you as you move with the military.

By Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer

Help! I'm a Miltary Wife is a great book for any military wife, whether you are a new military wife or a seasoned wife. Kathie and Holly are military spouses who have been through a lot of different experiences during their years as military wives. They give great advice on planning your own life, while the military is planning your husband's.

The table of contents is very detailed so you can skip to any chapter or sub-section that might intrest you.

The books starts with a charming prologue that talks about the authors and their "qualifications" for writing a book about military spouses and their lives. Then, in the first chapter, they discuss the myth of the "Perfect Military Spouse."

Most of the rest of the book is based off of the "keys of happiness" that are discussed in the second chapter of the book. The "keys of happiness" are as follows: seek out friends and support, cultivate faith, discover simple joys, know what you want and take action to achieve it, and work from your strengths to serve the greater good.

The following chapters have great tips and advice relating to each of the "keys of happiness," including a chapter on strenghtening your relationship with your spouse which is wittingly titled "If the military wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one."

When discussing the fifth key to happiness--"work from your strengths to serve the greater good"--the authors break down the subject into three chapters. They talk about having a career while you are "married to the military," starting your own business, and volunteering. To put these ideas into effect, they also talk about setting and achieving your goals. I found these chapters to be very helpful and inspiring.

Throughout the book, the authors add their own stories and experiences while also managing to touch on other "everyday" military wives ideas and stories.

If you are looking to get some guidance and inspiration on creating your ideal life while still being a military wife, check out this wonderful book!

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