Sunday, November 4, 2007

Perfect Your Palace This Week

I have a busy week planned. Tomorrow is a longer day at work and Tuesday we are going to the aquarium.

I am currently working on cleaning up my home. I got a little busy here with school and my new job and now my house is cluttered and messy again. Today my husband and I cleaned up the bathroom and the bedroom. Now they look so pretty and calming. I also cleaned up the laundry area. It needed it badly.

Since tomorrow is a longer day at work I might not work on my house much. It depends on how much energy I have after work. But I need to do some dishes and finish the laundry that I was working on today. I would also like to check out my online assignments for the week for school and see if I can knock some of those out.

I am sort of joining Candy over at Keeping the Home with her Perfect Palace Project. That is where my decluttering and cleaning up that I was discussing comes into the picture.

My goals for this week are:
Reschedule my appointment
Finish school work online
Finish school work for class on friday and saturday
Clean up the kitchen
Clean up the living room
Mop the bathroom
Vacuum the bedroom and hallway

Hopefully I can keep focused. I bought a new video game so I might take some time out here and there to enjoy that.

I am also looking for ideas to conquer making a schedule and sticking to it. I have a rough time doing that. I have made many schedules in the past but they have not worked for me and I have not been able to stick with it. I am considering using the Sidetracked Home Executives index card method but am unsure if it will be to complicated. Any advice?


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