Monday, December 1, 2008


Today started good.

I woke up and I cleaned the kitchen. I did the dishes. And I started dinner in the crock pot. I was so proud of myself! We were going to have a wonderful home cooked meal.

I was on my way to Julia's house to hang out and that way I would be close to the base for when Matt is ready to be picked up. Matt called me on my way to Julia's and he said he won't be done until after dinner tonight and all week! So there goes my dinner plans.

I am depressed and so pissed off. I hate the Navy.


Greg, Leann, Lily and Auntie Sarah said...

Hi aggravated,

I am also a Navy wife who hates the navy so much i googled "navy wives who hate the navy" just to find a chat room and i found your page. Before my husband left he said to me "thank you for being the rock in our family" which was nice to hear, but as of today, i am sick of being the rock. I would love a day to myself actually. I feel aggravated as well. Its nice to know that oh so many of us feel this way. A friend of mine's husband will be gone for 7 months starting in January. she has twin one year olds and is pregnant, due in june and where will he be? out on a boat is where....


Missy Dyke: said...

Being a Navy Wife is a frustrating job. The military seems to feel that at the drop of a hat we should all put our lives on hold to accommodate their orders!
That said, there is little I am more proud of than being a Navy wife. If you will accept it, I would love to share my Navy wife shirts with you....most of the shirts are SO tacky!! So, I made my own and thought fellow wives may like them, too!!
This is the ebay link to them, just give them a quick look and let me know what you think!!

If it doesn't come through as a link just paste the whole long mess into your search bar, it should come right up.

Kelly said...

Im not gonna say I love or enjoy or understand every part of the Navy life, but I am proud to serve next to my husband as his wife. And what I don't think a lot of people realize when they marry someone in a branch of the military they are not only getting married but they are enlisting into that branch as well. I signed up and joined the Navy when I married my husband. It's hard but its a lot easier when you can find another spouse who you trust to talk to and learn from one another with. Good luck ladies!

Life of a Navy Wife said...

Thought I would say hey. I too am a navy wife and my husband is leaving for his 2nd 7 month deployment in less than a week. I hate it when he is gone especially for our 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter. I actually gave birth to our daughter the last deployment. But.. I am so proud of him and what he does and it could be worse. But I do hate when the navy makes sudden changes and it ruins plans. Like when the hubby finds out he is fast cruising the day before and I am working and have no sitter lined up.

Shadow said...

I'm a navy husband. My wife serves on a carrier. I despise everything about her job. So does she. She was in there before we met. I am pleased to see others who feel the same. Everywhere I've looked for support I find nothing but 'rah rah rah' places that don't seem to understand how we can hate the Navy.

The second greatest day of my life will be the day she gets out and we burn everything naval she has.

Each duty day I am depressed and cannot sleep. Underway/deployment? I feel like shooting myself. If it weren't for the depth of my love for her I probably would have by now.

I hate it so much I won't participate in anything they offer as 'benefits'. I won't go onto a base for fear I might break down and start shouting at people. Which might rebound on her badly. I'm proud of her as a human being but not of who she works for. I despise seeing her in uniform, subjugating her identity to them.

She herself barely sleeps, suffers horrific nightmares and is depressed. The navy response? Toughen up! It makes me feel ill.

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Kristie said...

The Navy has us in Souda Bay Greece... yesterday was my 2nd attempt to leave this isolated and remote duty station to return home for a brief holiday visit.

To no avail! Yesterday I was frustrated with the Navy ... but today I woke up with a different attitude... just slightly upset with the Navy!

Tomorrow, I will probably love the Navy life again? Maybe? Hopefully?

But what an amazing adventure we wives have!


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cheny said...

I love this blog.. i keep on going back to it to see what's dating a navy man and soon to be engaged...we've talked about me moving to the base any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i am a total new navy wife and any support helps! add me on facebook if you want :)

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mynaturallife said...

Yikes, guys. These bad attitudes are not going to bring you anything but misery. A missed dinner? You have it good.

Try being a Marine wife. Yes, I used to be one. It was an extremely unfortunate four years of my life. I am SO HAPPY to be where I am now (a very proud and happy Navy wife.)


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