Wednesday, August 27, 2008

things on my mind:
candy's ebook HMB updated version
marmee dear 2009 planner
HHC life planner
LiveOps work at home job
PCOS meetup group
other meetup groups
house hunting
changing addresses
wiggles cyst
my cycle/ttc
scrapbooking business
FRG group
FRG silent auction and night before party


Kirsti said...

Hi Melissa!! I'm so sorry for intruding :) My name is KC..I was just looking around when I came across of your blog..Something caught my eyes - WE HAVE THE SAME HEADER TITLE!! hehehe I was like, WOW, this is cute :) I'm a Filipino married to an American US Navy who's currently on deployment..I hope it's ok to link you on my blog..I'd love to be your new friend here :) God bless you and have a good day!!

Kirsti said...

I'm sorry, I forgot that my profile isn't viewable..Here's the link to my blog :)

See you!!

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